Frontier Wallet DeFi Ecosystem Monthly Rollup: July 2022

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Frontier Wallet DeFi Ecosystem Monthly Rollup: July 2022

The month of July marked the end of H1 of 2022 and was strategic for us at Frontier. Working closely with our amazing partners, we integrated new and exciting features into your favorite crypto, DeFi, and NFT wallet. Here is a rollup for July.

Here are some of our top-level highlights in July covering two broad areas:

🤝 Partnerships & DeFi Ecosystem
⚒ Integrations

🤝 Partnerships & DeFi Ecosystem 🤝

We announced our strategic partnership with Coinbase Pay earlier in July spicing up the user experience of Frontier’s global users even more. With Coinbase Pay now available on Frontier Android and iOS apps, users can now buy crypto with ease in over 100+ countries.

Still on partnerships, Frontier joined forces with Binance to launch $FRONT staking extending the benefits to 28.6 million Binance users. We are super pumped at the release of $FRONT staking enabling a wider audience of users to earn passive income from staking. No better way to demonstrate our vision

We are not done yet. July was super packed, remember? We also worked on our exchange partner, to release single-sided liquidity mining with $FRONT. Now, over 10 million Gate. users can now earn by supplying $FRONT to’s lending and single asset vault.

⚒ Integrations ⚒

Integrations! Integrations!! Integrations!!! July was packed with key integration to further enhance Frontier’s UX for our community.

One of our key highlights in this area was the Fantom integration. Fantom is a super hot and thriving layer 1 (L1). With Fantom integration, both Frontier and Fantom users can now interact with their favorite Fantom-based dApps using Frontier’s native WalletConnect feature. In total, we integrated six new chains in July making it 25+ chains. See more in July Rollup infographics.

Who says you cannot trade advanced financial instruments on Frontier? Options Trading is now available on Frontier wallet with the integration of Oddz Finance, a multichain derivative to the Frontier platform. Anyone, from anywhere in the world can now start to enjoy mobile and hassle-free trading with Oddz Easy Options that give users access to Put/Call options, zero gas fees, fraction trades, simplified multi-chain trades e.t.c. There's more. With a $3,000 weekly pool and an upcoming 100,000 $ODDZ pool through Frontier you can participate, and enjoy amazing benefits. Remember, all you just need to do is buy 5 options of any type, Frontier wallet makes it smooth and easy.

Bonjour, Namaste, Merhaba, xin chào, привет, Nǐ hǎo. Wondering? Just our own way of saying GM in six new languages including English, French, and Hindi your favorite crypto, DeFi, and NFT  investment wallet now supports.

How can we forget that Optimism Foundation’s $OP Token is now live on Frontier? Ahead of the Optimism airdrop, we integrated $OP tokens to the Frontier wallet so holders can track, send, receive and store their tokens with ease.

Seeing is believing. We made this nice infographic for you as a recap of all July highlights. Right Click, Save, Share! 🥳

Frontier Wallet DeFi Ecosystem

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