The Frontier Wallet - May 2023 Highlights

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The Frontier Wallet - May 2023 Highlights

Welcome to the Frontier Monthly Rollup, where we collate and summarise a specific month's exciting updates and achievements. We've worked hard to improve our products, forming partnerships and engaging with the community.

Let's dive into the highlights!

🎁 Frontier Bundle Beta Referral Program

We launched a reward program for beta users of Frontier Bundle, who referred and helped during the beta phase. The response was electrifying, and 35k+ users supported us.

The rewards were distributed to those users who referred more friends and family.

Learn More:

🎀 Events

Ravindra in Normies Podcast

Ravindra Kumar (Founder&CEO) recently shared his valuable insights in a podcast called "Web3 Normies" with Prashanth Swaminathan and Raghu Mohan. They discussed Web3 Wallets, DeFi, TVL, Airdrops, Account Abstraction, and MPCβ€”Ravindra shade lights on how Frontier stays on top and gave insights into the whole Web3 wallet landscape.

Take advantage of this informative discussion!

Listen to the Podcast πŸ‘‰ Normies Podcast

Twitter Space with Silence Laboratories

Frontier hosted a Twitter space with Dr. Jay Prakash from Silence Laboratories, and our CEO, Mr. Ravindra & CPO Yash, Co-Hosted it. They discussed seed phrase management issues and how MPC could be the savior. We also announced our partnership and how we are introducing MPC technology in Frontier Wallets.

Listen to the recording here

🀝 Partnerships

Frontier partners with Silence Laboratories

MPC wallets are coming to Frontier! In collaboration with Silent Labs, we're bringing you tighter wallet security powered by MPC (Multi-Party Computation) Technology. Take control of your digital assets like never before with enhanced security measures.

Learn more: Frontier Twitter Announcement

πŸš€ Product updates

We pushed out three product updates during May and here are the key highlights.

Further strengthening our COSMOS ecosystem support, we added the following chains to Frontier Wallets.

  • Sentinel
  • Stride
  • Gravity Bridge

Sui released its mainnet recently and we have introduced it on Frontier Wallet so our community can ripe the benefits of a multi-chain experience.

Zk Rollups revolutions are in full swing and we added support to following Zk chains with capabilities like Swap and bridge.

  • zkSync Era
  • Polygon zkEVM

You can read the detailed weekly product update to catch up will all that happened during this month. From supporting more COSMOS chains to pushing the Zk rollup revolution, Frontier worked towards making the multi-chain experience simple.

Product Weekly Update - #1

Product Weekly Update - #2

Product Weekly Update - #3

πŸ‘‹ Conclusion

May 2023 kept us busy adding support to more chains, pushing our vision toward a multi-chain Crypto world. We hope to address a critical concern around self-custody, the management of seed phrase, the fear of losing it, and the funds associated, with MPC technology Frontier aims to address this. Stay tuned for more updates this month.

See you in next month's rollup.

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