Frontier Wallet announces integration of Coinbase Pay to simplify buying crypto

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Frontier Wallet announces integration of Coinbase Pay to simplify buying crypto

We are excited to announce that Frontier's increasing global user base can now enjoy the quick and seamless experience of funding their wallets with the integration of Coinbase Pay. This feature is now live across Android and iOS versions of the Frontier Wallet app.

What is a fiat on/off-ramp solution?

With heightened interest by new users seeking to participate in the crypto ecosystem, the first hurdle they often face is figuring out how to use their existing fiat funds to buy crypto. This is where trusted and secure fiat on/off-ramp solutions step in. A fiat on-ramp solution helps users buy crypto using their preferred currency facilitated by supported payment methods. These methods can range from credit & debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. By 'off-ramping,' users can convert existing crypto into fiat facilitated by traditional payment rails.

Hence, it goes without saying that fiat on-ramp support is key to ensuring that new and existing crypto users can comfortably transact with their wallets, interact with preferred DeFi dApps, buy or sell NFTs, and extract maximal value without many difficulties.

Buy Crypto: Now fast, secure, and seamless

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and has emerged to become one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Alongside Coinbase Exchange, it also offers Coinbase NFT and Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase Pay is a new feature that allows verified users to buy crypto using a variety of payment methods. Popular amongst Coinbase users for its easy and hassle-free interface, Frontier Wallet users can now enjoy the Coinbase Pay experience.

If you are a verified Coinbase user, you can easily buy crypto into your Frontier Wallet using your existing Coinbase account. You can even use any crypto you already have in your existing Coinbase account to trade and transact with other wallets and dApps. Being a current Coinbase user also eliminates the need to repeat your KYC, allowing you to buy crypto using payment methods you already have saved in your account.

Since Coinbase Pay offers support for over 100+ countries and many popular payment methods, it is also an excellent option for new users. Once registered and verified with Coinbase, users can securely save their preferred payment methods into their Coinbase accounts to start buying crypto anytime.

Do more with your Frontier Wallet

Our goal at Frontier is to simplify and secure how you access cryptoDeFi and NFTs. With your non-custodial Frontier wallet, you can already manage various crypto assets across 22 popular chains. By adding Coinbase Pay to Frontier, the industry go-to wallet with improved security for anything crypto, DeFi and NFTs have made it even easier to buy crypto and transact with peace.

Frontier is pleased to offer you — our customer — a wide range of choices regarding how you can make the most of your DeFi journey. Whether buying or trading NFTs, earning from various investment opportunities, or interacting with dApps, the ability to safely purchase and add crypto to your wallet while knowing your payment methods are securely stored on Coinbase is a massive reassurance for every Frontier user. With Frontier’s zero-fee feature and the additional layers of verification and security, Frontier was built to make your Web3 experience seamless and safe.

Ravindra Kumar, Founder & CEO at Frontier, commenting on the integration, added, "Coinbase Pay is another step towards offering a better onboarding experience for new users and ensuring alignment with Frontier's core tenets for greater security and simplified access. Frontier Wallet is increasing in popularity worldwide. This is why we are constantly adding support for new languages. Today the app supports Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, French, and Turkish, alongside English. Coinbase Pay's global appeal is in sync with our expanding user base."

"There is a certain convenience and feature-set users have come to expect when they use our app. Our development team closely audited and tested the Coinbase Pay service to ensure its flawless integration into our Android and iOS apps. We also enjoyed working with the Coinbase team on implementing the Pay SDK into the product. This key product milestone should accelerate user adoption of new features we're adding in coming months." Shared Vetri Jeyapalpandy, Co-Founder & CTO at Frontier, speaking about the new release.

Here's how to buy crypto on Frontier with Coinbase Pay

You can buy crypto on the Frontier app using Coinbase Pay using the following steps:

  1. Tap 'Buy crypto' on the home screen on a compatible chain.
  2. Confirm your wallet details, select Coinbase Pay and tap 'Continue to purchase.'
  3. You need to be signed in to your Coinbase account (if you have one already) or complete the sign-up and KYC process to open a new Coinbase account.
  4. Choose the crypto you wish to buy.
  5. Select if you wish to buy using your saved payment methods or transfer using your existing Coinbase balance.
  6. Confirm your purchase or transfer on the review screen, including any applicable gas fees.
  7. Once confirmed, you should see the balance appear on your Frontier Wallet shortly.

You can use the same payment functionality to interact securely with various dApps on the Frontier app.

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