Frontier Wallet - March 2023 Highlights

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Frontier Wallet - March 2023 Highlights

March has been an exciting month for Frontier, with a series of developments, partnerships, and new features. Here are the highlights of the previous month:

🗻 ETHDenver

ETHDenver is the first biggest Ethereum event in 2023 & the very first edition of WalletCon took place on March 1 in Denver, Colorado, the day before ETHDenver kicked off. Frontier is one of  sponsors of WalletCon and Co-hosted the after-party of the WalletCon event, which is graced by some of the best innovators in the Web3 space.

Our CEO, Ravindra Kumar, was a keynote speaker at the WalletCon 2023 Panel Discussion, where he shared his insights on the importance of going beyond the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to achieve the ultimate win for cross-chain UX in web3 ecosystems. He also highlighted how bridging had become the second-highest action volume for Frontier as a wallet.

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🤝 Partnerships

Frontier has been actively partnering with various blockchain-based projects to provide a seamless user experience. Some of the recent partnerships include:


Frontier has partnered with Shardeum, the world's first EVM-based L1 using dynamic state sharding (DSS), to provide support for Liberty 2.x alphanet and Sphinx 1.x betanet, which can be accessed with just a few clicks on the Frontier app & extension.

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Symbiosis Finance & ZeroSwap

Frontier Wallet extension is now integrated into Symbiosis Finance & ZeroSwapLabs' Meta Aggregator, allowing users to effortlessly swap assets using their wallet directly.

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Frontier is now integrated with CosmosKit by Cosmology Tech, allowing users to experience the Cosmos ecosystem seamlessly.

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SpaceID Protocol

Frontier has collaborated with SpaceID Protocol to enable seamless SpaceID domain name search in Frontier, making wallet discovery easier than ever. Users can now experience the power of .bnb, .eth, and .arb domain names with SpaceID integration.

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Arcana Network

Frontier has partnered with Arcana Network to bring a sophisticated upgrade to the user experience. Soon, users will be able to securely access their Frontier wallet using their email address or social media account.

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👥 Community and Ecosystem Support

Frontier was approved as one of the projects by the amazing Metis community members. Frontier's CPO, Yashwanth, and CTO, Vetri, attended the respective 'Metis Community Governance’ forum.

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Frontier now supports acquiring and holding Arbitrum NFTs directly in users' wallets.

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We are one of the first wallets to support ERC-4361 a.k.a “Sign in with Ethereum”, which eliminates the need for traditional identifiers (email, phone numbers, etc.), giving users more control and privacy.

📈 Frontier Bundle Beta Launch

The Frontier Bundle Beta which was launched in late March received an immense response from the Beta users. The Bundle Beta offers an ultimate Web3 portfolio experience along with a $5000 Beta Referral Reward Program. It includes features such as linking wallets across 23+ chains, a unified interface for tokens, DeFi, and NFTs, swap and bridge meta aggregators, and a customizable watchlist creation feature.

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🇮🇳 State of DeFi India Launch

Frontier launched the "State of DeFi India" report along with our visionary partners, dYdX foundation, Bullieverse, GravityX Capital, and Graviton, on March 31st. Our CEO - Ravindra Kumar, and the Frontier team took part in the event to address the gathering.

Ravi was a key speaker at the event, and he talked primarily about the unexplored potential of web3, especially on the marketing grounds. The ultimate report about the State of DeFi in India contained interesting facts that showcase how much India is ahead in terms of blockchain innovation despite the stringent regulations.

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🚀 Product Release Updates

In the recent product release updates, Frontier has introduced several new features and improvements across its web extension and mobile app versions:

Web Extension

  • Added support for the Base network, an L2 chain launched by Coinbase, and introduced NFT support on Arbitrum for collection and gallery views. The update also fixed transaction failures on Marinade Finance and insufficient gas limit errors.
  • Addition of four new Cosmos chains (Kujira, Juno, Agoric, and Shentu) and support for Cosmos Simulate on the web extension. Frontier also introduced Cosmos wallet hot switching for seamless toggling between wallets and a refined Review Transaction page for a better understanding of transactions.
  • We brought support for three new Cosmos chains (Injective, Umee, and E-money), two new DEXes (Meshswap and Klayswap), and fixed transaction failures on dApps within the Solana ecosystem.

Mobile app

The mobile app update brought DEX support for Swap on the Osmosis network, introduced Batch swap on Arbitrum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Ethereum, and added support for Canto Blockchain and additional Cosmos chains. The update also improved the token price display for better clarity and introduced domain name support for .bnb and .arb, as well as Stargaze NFT support.

Frontier added support for Shardeum Sphinx 1.X and Shardeum Liberty 2.0, as well as more Cosmos chains, including Injective, Umee, and e-Money.

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🔮 Upcoming Plans for Q2

Frontier has an exciting roadmap planned for Q2, with several key milestones to enhance user experience and expand the platform's capabilities. Here are some of the upcoming highlights:

  1. Frontier Chain (Testnet): Launching a Cosmos-based blockchain of Frontier with $FRONT as the native token.
  2. Mobile v3 Launch (Closed Beta): Innovating the mobile wallet to provide a unified Web3 experience for self-custody users.
  3. Launch of Keyless Wallet via MPC (Closed Beta): Introducing seed phrase-less wallets on Frontier through MPC technology, minimizing the risk of losing keys and crypto assets.

👋 Conclusion

March has been an action-packed month for Frontier, with significant developments and integrations that have expanded the platform's capabilities. The team continues to work on innovative solutions and partnerships, making Frontier a leading player in the DeFi wallet space. With the upcoming plans for Q2, Frontier aims to further enhance the user experience and strengthen its position in the market.

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