Why are we building Frontier Bundle?

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Why are we building Frontier Bundle?

👋 Hello Frontier Fam & Wallet users,

We're excited to introduce you to our latest innovation, the Frontier Bundle, designed to help you effortlessly manage your multi-chain and multi-wallet Crypto in one place. But before we dive in, let's give you a peek into the reasons behind our pursuit of the Frontier Bundle.

😰 Key Challenges Faced By Crypto Natives

The cryptocurrency world is rapidly expanding, with adoption reaching nearly 5% of the world's population. With the growing interest in decentralization, financial infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, and other emerging use cases, we're confident that adoption will continue to surge. However, this growth comes with its own set of challenges.


With over 150 blockchains currently in existence, the future of cryptocurrency is undeniably multi-chain. Multiple blockchains address diverse issues, such as throughput, speed, transaction fees, and specific use cases like decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and GameFi. While this diversification contributes to decentralization, it can be daunting for users to harness the full potential of these blockchains.


Another significant obstacle is the multitude of wallets users must manage. The existing wallet experience is fragmented. With more players coming with chain and use-case-specific wallets, this challenge has no end. Our research indicated on average, and a Crypto native manages 4-6 wallets, don't forget the hardware wallets!

💼 The Frontier Bundle Solution

We at Frontier wallet are after the auditions goal of building a "Unified Wallet Experience," one wallet for all! While we are on this pursuit. Frontier Bundle innovation is a breakthrough to support our bigger vision.

With Frontier bundle, existing Crypto natives can connect wallets across the chain and visualize their portfolio at best, segregating tokens, DeFi, and NFT. The name "Bundle" as the dApp will allow you to bundle your existing wallets to experience Web3 under one roof.

🤘Key Features of Frontier Bundle

Unified Portfolio View

Frontier Bundle allows users to connect multiple wallets from Ethereum-based Chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimisum, and Solana chain, providing a comprehensive view of their entire portfolio. It includes token balances, DeFi positions, and NFT holdings, all categorized for easy navigation and understanding. You can connect your wallets like Metamask, Phantom, MEW, TrustWallet, and dApp to bundle the data and give you the best portfolio view with one net worth in your preferred currency. You can also view the wallet's net worth change over time and the latest activities.

Swap and Bridge Meta Aggregator

We're integrating a swap and bridge meta aggregator to consolidate at least eight providers for each function. This feature enables users to efficiently manage their portfolios by swapping tokens and bridging assets between chains without the hassle of finding the right provider or bridge service. Know the best prices & perform swapping/bridging with the best option.


Frontier Bundle's watchlist feature allows you to track specific wallets, tokens, and NFTs in one place. Most importantly, you can follow the wallets of other users and your favorite whale accounts. Through this, you can make better & informed DeFi/NFT decisions. Users can also bookmark assets to monitor price fluctuations and decide when to buy, sell, or bridge their assets.

🛣️ Bundle's Roadmap

Initially, Frontier Bundle will support all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based chains, which account for around 20 chains, and the famous Solana Chain. As we move forward, we plan to integrate more ecosystems like Cosmos, Polkadot, Near, and more, enhancing the platform's visualization capabilities and wallet support.

β Beta Release

We're thrilled to announce that the beta version of Frontier Bundle will launch in the next few days. We will gather user feedback and continue improving the platform to provide you with the best possible experience. We would love to see you visualizing your portfolio with Bundle.

You can sign up for Frontier Beta Bundle here: https://www.frontier.xyz/bundle-dapp

🥳 Happy bundling!

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