Frontier Wallet - February 2023 Highlights

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Frontier Wallet - February 2023 Highlights

February 2023 was an exciting month for Frontier. From launching a Beta user reward program to integrating with new partners and launching of Frontier Bundle Waitlist, here are the highlights of what happened at Frontier in February 2023.

💰Browser Extension Beta Users Reward Program Launch:

Frontier launched its Beta user reward program on the 2nd of February, which received an immense response from the Beta Squad. The program offered a prize pool of $2500 along with an exclusive Frontier NFT for the beta extension users. The prizes were distributed to the amazing winners till February 28th.

🤝 Partnership with Concordium Blockchain

Frontier joined hands with Concordium blockchain. With this partnership, Frontier users can access Concordium’s built-in self-sovereign ID framework and stake CCD, participate in liquidity pools, create CDPs, trade token derivatives, and access the Concordium DeFi ecosystem, all from one place. This partnership aims to provide users with a seamless experience and access to a broader range of DeFi products. Here’s a complete rundown on this.

🌁 Integration with MultiversX Blockchain

Frontier is one of the very few wallets that supports NFTs on MultiversX. The support has been added to Frontier Android & iOS apps in a non-custodial way. Access the impressive growth of the MultiversX NFT ecosystem: 1.3 million NFTs minted, driven by self-sovereignty, open exploration, and transparency.

🦊 Phishing Site Detection Feature

Metamask has recently launched the ‘phishing site detection’ feature. This feature is essential in preventing users from falling victim to phishing scams. The important point to note here is that Frontier has had the ‘phishing site detection’ feature since its inception to safeguard its users. BeInCrypto made a comparison, here’s the complete article.

👁️ CEO’s Insights

Our Founder & CEO, Ravindra Kumar’s insights were mentioned in articles from established publications, such as Coindesk and MybFF. Ravindra Kumar's insights are highly respected in the DeFi community, and his contributions are invaluable to Frontier's success.

🤝 Partnerships with AssetMantle and Meld

Frontier formed a collaboration with the decentralized shopify for NFTs, AssetMantle. This collaboration will allow you to create or import your AssetMantle wallet onto Frontier, where you can easily store, manage, send, and receive NFTs and $MNTL tokens in one place. You can also stake $MNTL on Frontier's mobile app.

Furthermore, Meld is now officially Frontier's partner, making token buying on Frontier easier than ever. Users can purchase with 100+ currencies, compare prices from various providers, and choose their preferred payment mode.

At the end of Feb, it was time for the Big Bang. With the number of wallets increasing every day, it is only fair that we have proper systems to manage all these wallets. Frontier is already ready with the solution - The Frontier Bundle!

📊 Frontier Bundle Waitlist Launch:

Frontier Bundle is a decentralized application (dApp) that offers a comprehensive solution to manage all your Web3 assets in one place. With Frontier Bundle, you can easily track and manage your bundled tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs across multiple wallets and chains.

If you have too many wallets and it's hard to keep up with the prices of different assets, Frontier Bundle provides a single view for all your wallets across 23+ chains. This means you don't have to switch between multiple wallets to track your portfolio.

In addition, Frontier Bundle simplifies tracking NFTs and crypto prices. With its intuitive interface, you can bookmark and track tokens, wallets, and NFTs under one simple interface.

To use Frontier Bundle, all you have to do is connect your Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, Phantom, TrustWallet, or via WalletConnect. Once connected, you can view all your tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs in one place. Moreover, you can manage your tokens with swap, cross-chain bridge, send, and other tools.

The Frontier Bundle covers 23+ chains, including Solana, Cosmos, and 15+ Ethereum chains. It supports over 12,000 crypto tokens, 400+ DeFi protocols, and 3,000+ NFT collections.

In February Frontier launched Bundle Waitlist and we are receiving a good response so far. We are going to launch our product Bundle soon for the people in the waitlist.

🚀 Product Release Note Updates

Frontier 6.1.0 (Mobile App) - February 17, 2023 The mobile app update introduced support for Aptos and Near, and more Cosmos chains, including Persistence, Axelar, Sommelier, Evmos, and It also improved Bluzelle migration and allowed users to import their favorite Cosmos networks.

Frontier v1.0.5 (Web Extension) - February 22, 2023 This update added support for Shardeum Sphinx 1.X, Canto Network, and several Cosmos chains, including Evmos, Persistence,, Axelar, and Sommelier.

Frontier v1.0.4 (Web Extension) - February 17, 2023 This minor update fixed issues related to token transactions and logos not appearing in Dark Mode.

Frontier v1.0.3 (Web Extension) - February 11, 2023 This major update added support for Osmosis, Secret Network, Terra Classic, and AssetMantle, and introduced Meld crypto purchase aggregation. It also allowed users to track their transactions across Shardeum Liberty 2.X and add their favorite networks and tokens.

Frontier v1.0.2 (Web Extension) - February 8, 2023 This update added a new DEX aggregation flow, support for Shardeum Liberty 2.X, and a redesign of the network switcher to make it easy to access favorite chains. It also allowed users to edit and delete custom tokens.


In conclusion, February 2023 was an exciting month for Frontier. From amazing partnerships, browser extension beta reward programs, insights, product updates, and finally with the Frontier Bundle Waitlist Launch, February is Phenomenal at Frontier. Let’s BUIDL

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