Frontier Wallet now support Rootstock chain

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Frontier Wallet now support Rootstock chain

We are excited to announce our partnership with Rootstock Blockchain. Our collaboration with Rootstock is unique, as it is special to the Web3 community due to its value to the entire ecosystem. It combines the benefits of Bitcoin and Ethereum, making DeFi on Bitcoin more fascinating.

Now our wallet users can find Rootstock under "Supported Chains," allowing users to store and manage assets ($RBTC) on the Rootstock chain. We will also add future support where users can trade and bridge into the Rootstock chain. Frontier wallet browser extension will allow users to interact with dApps built on Rootstock. This partnership enables Frontier users to explore the DeFi ecosystem built on Rootstock.

With this partnership, Frontier aims to strengthen the Multi-chain ecosystem support and simplify the challenges around experiencing Web3.

About Rootstock

Rootstock Platform (RSK) is a second-layer virtual machine that addresses specific limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain. Similar to Ethereum's EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), the RVM enables the execution of smart contracts on the RSK platform. This compatibility allows developers to leverage their existing knowledge of Solidity, the programming language used in Ethereum smart contracts, to build and deploy decentralized applications on RSK. The Bitcoin network provides security and reliability. Like Ethereum, which has sidechains (such as Polygon) that work as Layer 2 (like Arbitrum and Optimism), RSK is working to make Bitcoin more efficient and programmable.

Here is what our leadership thinks about the partnership 👇

"We're excited that Frontier Wallet has chosen to bring Rootstock to their wallet. By combining the programmability of Ethereum with the security and decentralization of Bitcoin, Rootstock is fast becoming known as the home of DeFi on Bitcoin, and now even more people worldwide can take advantage of the incredible dApps built on top of it."

Sam Golden, Director of Brand and Communications at IOV Labs (Rootstock)

"Rootstock is a unique blockchain with the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem benefits. Being a Multi-chain wallet with multiple ecosystem support like EVM-based chains, Cosmos, Polkadot, Near, and other L1s, Rootstock will be a valuable addition to our wallet users, making it a true multi-chain experience."

Ravindra Kumar, CEO & Founder at Frontier Wallet

We continue to engage with the Rootstock community and add support to more dApps built on Rootstock. Frontier Wallet will sooner add support to native swap and bridge, making it easier for users to manage their crypto. Stay tuned for more updates on Rootstock.

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