Frontier forms a strategic partnership with Silence Laboratories to enhance wallet security via MPC technology

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Frontier forms a strategic partnership with Silence Laboratories to enhance wallet security via MPC technology

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Silence Laboratories, a distinguished Cryptographic and authentication security solutions provider. With this partnership, Frontier aims to make a huge step toward mainstream Web3 adoption by eliminating the security risk around seed phrase/key management.

This collaboration uses multi-party computation (MPC) Threshold Signature Schemes to generate distributed wallet key shares between the user's Frontier Wallets and confidential compute instances, maintaining the highest level of user authority and configurability. Consequently, Frontier cannot access users' assets, promoting truly decentralized self-custody. Jay Prakash, CEO of Silence Laboratories, added that Silent Shard SDK and design principles guarantee that any enterprise cannot block users from transaction or shift or service

The Silent Shard MPC-TSS protocol is built on one of the fastest TSS implementations, the DKLs19 protocol. "Existing Frontier Wallet users can seamlessly migrate to MPC wallets in just a few clicks," confirmed Dr. Jay Prakash.

This partnership aims to enhance Frontier Wallet's security, scalability, and user experience, ensuring customers can confidently manage their digital assets. The MPC-Threshold Signature integration enables secure, efficient signing of digital asset transactions without relying on a single private key, offering users an additional layer of protection and trust.

MPC support extends to both Frontier browser extension and mobile-based wallets. Both teams have minimized the learning curve for users to adapt to distributed signatures and recovery processes, delivering an experience akin to 2-factor authentication as popular in traditional financial transactions.

Dr. Jay Prakash, CEO & Director at Silence Laboratories, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to partner with Frontier Wallet in their pursuit of providing secure, reliable, and user-friendly digital asset management solutions. It is high time we bring a holistic approach (with balance of security, usability and empowerement) to wallet security, and we love Frontier's team for alignment towards that vision."

Ravindra Kumar, Founder & CEO at Frontier, shared his excitement, "The collaboration with Silence Laboratories will enable us to strengthen our security protocols further and provide our users with cutting-edge technology. We are leveraging MPC solutions to ensure our Wallet remains at the forefront of innovation, not just in features but also in security".

About Silence Laboratories:

Silence Laboratories provides SaaS and hybrid solutions for Threshold Signatures and secure authorization schemes. Catering to custodians, wallets, and asset management companies, their developer-friendly libraries streamline security measures.

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