Frontier now supports AssetMantle Chain, NFTs, Store & Stake $MTNL

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Frontier now supports AssetMantle Chain, NFTs, Store & Stake $MTNL

As a multi-chain DeFi wallet, we are proud to announce a partnership with AssetMantle, a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework. AssetMantle enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. This collaboration between Frontier and AssetMantle will provide users with greater flexibility, convenience, and security when it comes to managing their digital assets.

With this partnership, users can now create or import their AssetMantle wallet directly onto the Frontier platform. This feature makes it easy for users to manage all their digital assets in one place. Additionally, users can now store their AssetMantle chain-based NFT collections and receive and send these NFTs natively through the Frontier platform. Users can also buy and trade $MNTL tokens through the mobile app and extension, providing users with even more flexibility. Furthermore, users can stake $MNTL on Frontier's mobile app, while this feature is still unavailable on the Chrome extension, but it is expected to be available soon. AssetMantle is also working on implementing a governance system that will enable users to vote for governance proposals on the Mantle chain

Frontier has become a game-changer in the digital asset management world. Bringing together all the essential features in one wallet is a significant advantage for users who want to streamline their digital assets. The platform can support various blockchain protocols, ensuring seamless transactions, and making it an ideal platform for managing digital assets. By having all their assets in one place, users can easily track their investments and make informed decisions about their digital assets.

Frontier’s intuitive interface is designed to make it easy for users to access and manage their assets without compromising security. Our wallet is secured by robust security features that protect users' assets from any unauthorized access. With the partnership between Frontier and AssetMantle, users can now manage their digital assets with greater flexibility, convenience, and security. They can store, send, and receive NFTs and $MNTL tokens on one platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple wallets.

Furthermore, users can expect more benefits from this partnership in the future. The addition of more features means users can have an even more streamlined digital asset management experience. Overall, the Frontier and AssetMantle partnership represents a significant step towards making digital asset management more convenient and secure.

About Frontier:

With Frontier's all-in-one wallet, users can experience the benefits of managing their digital assets seamlessly. Frontier is a secure, non-custodial wallet that supports multiple blockchains and allows users to access various DeFi applications. As such, Frontier provides a one-stop shop for managing digital assets and a user-friendly interface for users to navigate.

About Asset Mantle:

AssetMantle is building an open-source, community-driven framework for inter-chain NFTs and metadata standardization by contributing to the 'interNFT standard'. AssetMantle allows creators to create customized NFT collections and market places permissionlessly. At the same time, collectors can own assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible chains in a single wallet with minimal gas and a lower carbon footprint.

In conclusion, the partnership between Frontier and AssetMantle is set to benefit users in numerous ways. With the ability to manage digital assets on one platform, users can enjoy greater convenience and flexibility. The partnership is a testament to the growing popularity of NFTs and the need for secure, user-friendly platforms for managing them. With more features expected to come, users can expect even more benefits in the future.

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