Frontier partners with Layer3 to bring quests right inside the wallet

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Frontier partners with Layer3 to bring quests right inside the wallet

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Layer3! Layer3 is a all-in-one interactive web3 platform empowering on-chain apps to reach, acquire, and retain users with powerful experiences. Layer3 makes it interactive and easy for crypto enthusiasts to try new protocols and apps while exploring the fundamentals. Layer3 has built a vibrant Web3 community and has worked with over 70+ customers to grow their own communities.

Why this partnership?

Frontier Wallet has been at the forefront of making the Web3 wallet user experience simple, secure, and easy. Frontier’s dApp native integration is loved by users as it enables them to quickly and securely interact with them. Native Quests, right inside Frontier’s wallet, is a great value add for our users. A wallet is the perfect place to get started with Web3, and Layer3’s API-powered Quests make this easier than ever before.

Layer3 Quests are proven to be the best way to onboard new users and educate them about new concepts, protocols, and dApps. Gamified yet educational quests keep the users engaged while advancing their understanding of Web3.

As Layer3’s launch partner, we will use Layer3’s Quest API to power Quests inside Frontier’s mobile wallet on both iOS and Android platforms. Now, on the go, you can earn while discovering the best that crypto has to offer via our very own Quests!

What next?

You should experience the Quests on the Frontier mobile wallet, and these quests are custom designed by the Frontier Wallet team after working closely with the partners and dApps. These Quests will be powered by Layer3 “Quest API,” a universal web3 API and GUI that simplifies how you interact with web3 actions. For more information on the API, please consult the docs here.

Join our Discord to stay tuned as we progress with quests.


Layer3 is the best platform to learn, explore, and succeed in Web3. They have enabled over 60+ customers to onboard 550k+ users, who have completed more than 16M on-chain actions through their platform. Layer3 stands out with its unique quests approach, which makes the experience interactive, on-chain, engaging, and learning-based. Here are a few themes under which quests are published:

  • Crypto Safety
  • Crypto History
  • Introduction to L2s
  • Understanding Crypto
  • Specific ecosystem quests like Ethereum, Avalanche, Polkadot, etc.

For more on Layer3, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord

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